How Can You Get Your Tax Refund Through Direct Deposit Instead Of a Mailed Check?


Say, for example, you are due for a refund on the 10th of May. It will take a few months to get the money through snail mail. Whereas direct deposit is more convenient.

How Do You Request Direct Deposit?

Do you get a 1040 form? The first thing you need to do is look at the boxes. You can request the money sent through direct deposit right on the form. The account has to be in your name, your partner's, or both.

You will also have to send them your banking information, including routing and account numbers. You could also use the 888 forms to request the money sent to different people if needed. The only thing is that you can only send it to 3 accounts. That was changed to cut down on fraud and identity threats.

Fill out the forms as indicated, indicating either checking or savings. That makes a big difference because the money could be sent to the wrong account by mistake. Filling out one of the special forms influences the direct deposit dates. Direct deposit dates can change based on which tax forms you use. Some will get the returns sooner than others.

What Happens When You Make A Mistake?

1) Make sure you triple check the information you give the IRS. Someone could get your tax refund. Guess What? The IRS is not responsible for your mistakes.

The main difference between the paper mail and the direct deposit is the forgery aspect. Paper mail is covered by the CFIF government forgery notices. A direct deposit is not. Please make sure you have filled out everything correctly.

2) You can call IRS number you see online. That way you can fix the mistake before it affects the refund schedule.

What happens if you cannot fix the mistake in time?

It simply means that you did not pass the validation process. You will most likely get your check, but it will come in the mail. In that case, you will need to wait for an extended time.

3) What happens if your refund is sent to the wrong bank? Are your numbers correct on the form? You can call the ACH manager and ask them to place a trace on the money.

Your tax preparer might have altered the information. It is best to call a lawyer to help. Those types of situations go beyond the normal paperwork.


Always choose direct deposit if you need your tax refund money right away. Make sure all the information, for receiving your money, is as accurate as possible.