How to Check Your Tax Refund Status


After filing your tax return, the next thing that taxpayers will often be looking for is their refund. Getting a tax refund allows taxpayers to get some money back that they already paid in taxes during the past year. A tax refund can help individuals get extra money to spend. Due to the very beneficial nature of tax refunds, many taxpayer are very anxious to get it immediately. Fortunately for taxpayers, there are a number of ways to find out about the status of your tax refund. Whenever a person is looking to find out about their tax refund, they will be able to go online, use a mobile device app, call the IRS and also send letters and emails to the IRS. All of these options will allow you to get your IRS refund status quickly and easily. We hope to help answer the question to "Where is my tax return refund?"


The best way to find out about your IRS refund status is to check your status online. By checking online, you will be able to get immediate information about the progress of your refund. With more efficiency, you will be in position to know exactly when you will get your refund. Whenever you go online to check your tax refund status, you can access the IRS website and click on the link called where is my tax refund or Where's my refund. This link will enable you to fill out a brief form that asks for information such as your name, filing status and tax identification number. Once you provide the information, you will then be able to get the latest information about your tax refund.


Another way in which you can get the latest update on your tax refund is to use a mobile device app. Whether you use a smartphone or a tablet, you will be able to access your refund status by going on the IRS site. Whenever you use a mobile device to check you refund status is to use a tax refund tracker. This is a part of the site that will enable you to provide tax information and then be led to a page that informs you about your tax refund. Using this mobile device is just like going online as it enables you to access your tax refund updates with quickness and efficiency. With a mobile device app such as IRS2Go, you will be in position to get the latest information about when you will get your tax refund.


Whenever you are looking to get the latest updates on your tax refund is to use more traditional methods. One of these methods is to call the IRS. When contacting the IRS, you will need to dial an 800 number and then provide your information. While this can be convenient for some people, it should be used only if the other methods are not available. The reason why is because you will likely have to deal with long wait times to get the information you need. If you are looking to get information about your tax refund by phone, it is best to use this method to get more details about any disputes that are present.


If you are not looking to call the IRS or use online or mobile devices to find out about your tax refund, then you will want to send an email or a letter to the IRS. With this method, you will just go on the IRS site and send an email by clicking on the contact us link. When sending an email, you will need to provide your filing status, name, tax identification number and year of the tax return. With this information, you will be able to get an update within a couple of business days. You can also send a letter as well but it is better to do this if you are responding to written notices provided by the IRS.


During the tax season, you will need to file and submit a tax return. As long as you paid more taxes than necessary, you will be entitled to a tax refund. When looking to get a tax refund, you will want to find out about the status so that you can know when you will actually get it. Fortunately for taxpayers, they can get their tax refund status in a number of ways. By using methods such as the IRS website, mobile apps, sending emails and calling them, you will be able to get your tax refund status with ease.

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